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B2B Educational Summit for Doctors · CooperVision

CooperVision - Human Bar Graph - Belief or benefits?

In Half Moon Bay, California, we captured round-table discussions, group exercises, and a host of educational experiences. Content that CooperVision used to educate the many doctors who couldn't attend.

CooperVision - Human Bar Graph - Target patient population

CooperVision - Human Bar Graph - Are your patients lying to you

CooperVision - Human Bar Graph - If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

CooperVision - The Science Behind the Product Patients Love - R&D

CooperVision - The Science Behind the Products Patients Love - How Lenses are Made

CooperVision - The Science Behind the Products Patients Love - MyDay Tech Story

CooperVision - Best Practices: Event Promo

CooperVision - LensCrafters Educational Summit: Teaser

CooperVision - Best Practices: Guiding Patients

CooperVision - Best Practices: Bringing Patients Back

CooperVision - Best Practices: Motivating Your Team