Floating Home Films is a full service video production company.

All quotes include pre-production, production and post-production work, unless otherwise noted.

One-off Short Doc with Social Cuts  |  Starting at $8,000

Pre-production creative, nimble Production, and full Post-production work.

Delivery: ONE video (up to 5 minutes) + TWO social media cuts (up to 60 seconds).

Short Docs with YouTube Pre-Roll Ads  |  Starting at $12,000

Pre-production creative, Medium-scale Production, and full Post-production work.

Delivery: THREE to SIX videos (up to 5 minutes).

Videos can be combination of full web video, YouTube Pre-Roll ads, and social media cuts.

Scripted Commercial Content  |  Starting at $20,000

Intensive Pre-production creative development, large-scale Production, and full Post-production work.

Delivery: THREE to FIVE videos (up to 3 minutes) + THREE to FIVE social media edits (up to 60 seconds).

Longer Documentary Content with Promotional Social Cuts

Cost varies depending on scope of work. Contact us directly for a quote and to discuss details. 

California Adventure - Full Video