Floating Home Films
Branded Documentary-Style Videos


Information for GSEP about working with Floating Home Films.


Floating Home Films is a full service video production company. All quotes include pre-production, production and post-production work, unless otherwise noted. 

One-off web videos: Starting at $8,000


1 Full Production Day

2-4 Person Crew

1 Video - up to 4 minutes + 1 social media cut - up to 60 seconds

Informational Web Videos: Starting at $10,000


1-2 Full Production Day

2-4 Person Crew

1 Video - up to 8 minutes + 1-2 social media cuts - up to 60 seconds

Web Videos and YouTube Pre-Roll Ads: Starting at $12,000


Up to 2 Full Documentary Production Days

2-4 Person Crew

Up to 6 videos: 4 minutes or less

Videos can be combination of full web video, YouTube Pre-Roll ads and social media edits

Standard Commercial/Promotional Content: Starting at $24,000


Up to 4 full days of commercial production

4-7 person crew 

3-5 Videos: 3 minutes or less

3-5 Social media edits: 60 seconds or less

Long(er) form documentary content with promotional Instagram cuts: $30,000+

Travel and expenses not included.


3+ Days of Documentary Production

3+ Person Crew

1+ main videos (or series) w/ trailer + social media cuts

California Adventure - Full Video